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DAXS All-In-One Portable Lectern

DAXS All-In-One Portable Lectern

Unique collapsible and adjustable DAXS Ladder Lectern in smart powder coated silver paint finish, designed to be easily assembled and dismantled for transport and storage without using any tools. Ideal robust and reliable portable lectern for the travelling speaker or where storage space is limited - much better than any 'folding' lectern. Click image for large view of the assembly sequence.
Registered Design No: 6013434.

It has a 46cm w x 35cm h top, and provides continuous height adjustment from 90cm to 120cm (floor to reading lip), to suit some seated / wheelchair users (check measurements) or the tallest of speakers. Latest model features base with adjustable feet for levelling on uneven floors. Click here to see the optional carry bag - made from durable thick padded nylon, with adjustable carry handles, and includes a protective blanket - approx 100cm x 45cm x 18cm, and 8Kg including the lectern.

No messing about with spanners or nuts & bolts - simply slot the 3 sections together and tighten-up using the knobs. Attach a logo frame and /or shelf if required, adjust for height, and away you go!

Price: 299.00 (358.80 Including VAT at 20%)

Add poster frame

Click here to see the acrylic shelf / drinks tray.