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DAXS Adjustable Premium Lectern

DAXS Adjustable Premium Lectern

Premium version of the DAXS Adjustable Ladder Lectern with a large detachable 12mm clear acrylic 70cm x 43cm top (or optional welded / fixed 60cm wide aluminium top), bigger base and welded lippped shelf as standard.

Provides 30cm continuous height adjustment from approx 90cm to 120cm (floor to reading lip).

Stocked powder coated in silver paint as shown, but available to order in any standard RAL colour as required. Total weight approx 12Kg.

For full branding, add a frosted acrylic front including your printed message / logo (artwork required). Or, an A3 logo frame can be attached to the front tubes.

(Replacement acrylic tops are available - see Lectern Accessories)

Price: 445.00 (534.00 Including VAT at 20%)


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