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Pop-Up Stands

Pop-Up Stand Graphics

Pop-Up Stand Graphics

Our pop-up graphic panels are either inkjet printed on a high quality opaque polyester film and finished with a scratch resistent seal, or printed on paper and laminated between a stoplight backing and a textured seal when a more rigid substrate is required for prtemium systems. Printed fabric displays are produced using the latest high resolution digital dye sublimation.

Prices are quoted for the more popular stand sizes, and are based on receiving 'print ready' artwork in a suitable format. We're happy to liaise with your designer / agency, or we'd be pleased to quote for providing design and origination services as required.

Instruction & Training

All pop-up systems include set-up instruction / user training as required for customers within about 100 miles radius of London. Further afield, an additional charge for time and expenses would apply.