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DAXS Tower Pulpit

DAXS Tower Pulpit

Sleek, modern pulpit in crystal clear 15mm acrylic, with large top (600mm x 380mm) and approx 1050mm high to lowest edge of reading surface. A small drinks shelf is incorporated within the central column, and there are various options for adding a printed logo / branding (artwork required). Delivered flat-packed, it is easily assembled with the allen key provided. Weighs approx 18Kg.

Latest version now includes a detachable clear acrylic front panel as standard (or optional shaped frosted or semi-transparent gloss 'black' acrylic fronts) for adding a logo / branding. Or, if you need to easily customise the pulpit for different clients or events, an A3 magnetic poster display frame can be mounted to the front.

Click here to see image gallery for examples.

Price: 299.00 (358.80 Including VAT at 20%)

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