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DAXS Telescopic Lectern / Plinth

DAXS Telescopic Lectern / Plinth

Versatile simple lectern providing continuous height adjustment from 80cm to 120cm (floor to reading lip), and adjustable angle for the reading surface, to suit some seated / wheelchair users (check measurements) or the tallest of speakers.

The optional support gadget, simply slides on to the top of the pole to hold the reading surface horizontal - ideal for when you want to use a laptop, or for using the lectern as a side-table / plinth. Click image for large view.

Easily assembled silver anodised telescopic aluminium pole, with silver powder coated heavy steel base, and 50cm x 35cm clear acrylic top.

(Replacement acrylic tops are available - see Lectern Accessories)

NB - this lectern is not designed for repeated dismantling and assembly.

Price: 149.00 (178.80 Including VAT at 20%)