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DAXS Curved AV Lectern

DAXS Curved AV Lectern

DAXS Curved Lectern with 60cm wide 'Premier' style metal top - fitted with one or two shock-mounts for 3-pin XLR mics (not supplied) and / or a BNC light socket (complete with lamp and PSU), drinks shelf, plus optional castors and acrylic front panel.

Add a curved acrylic front (easily removed / changed with specially designed DAXS Clips), plain / unbranded, or including your printed message / logo (artwork required). Or, a simple A3 logo frame can be attached to the front tubes.

'Made to order', it can be powder coated as required in any standard RAL paint colour, e.g. shown in silver paint with AV2 Option.

Price: 619.00 (742.80 Including VAT at 20%)

AV Options
Add Acrylic Front

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