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'Junior' Trilite 100 Double-Truss Lectern

'Junior' Trilite 100 Double-Truss Lectern

Lightweight, budget version of the standard Trilite Double-Truss Lectern, in natural / extruded aluminium, based on 25mm (1") tubes - with large 46cm x 100cm top. An optional 'clamp-on' drinks tray is available - click here for Lectern Accessories.

Click on image for larger view and dimemsions.

The lectern can be easily branded by attaching an A2 (portrait or landscape) or A3 (landscape) 'snap open' poster frame (silver anodised aluminium) to the front tubes.

Optional finishes: powder coated in black, silver or white paint.

Price: 358.00 (429.60 Including VAT at 20%)

Add poster frame